Our CV4P Approach

Our proprietary CV4P approach to health and wellness is what sets our clients up for success. By putting the 4 P’s into action (Prediction, Prevention, Personalization, and Participation), individuals can transform their health and get better outcomes at a reduced overall cost.

Through our genetic testing and health coaching services, we provide a comprehensive and proactive solution that focuses on wellness. It’s an empowering process that allows you to take control of your health and achieve your wellness goals.

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Understanding the 4 P’s in the CV4P Approach

Predicting Your Health Strengths & Weaknesses – Discover how you can predict your genetic strengths and weaknesses pertaining to your health with genomic testing.

Targeted Prevention Strategies – Gain access to prevention strategies that are geared toward you as an individual so you can get better results with less trial and error.

Personalized Care – See how you can work with a CarpeVITA Certified Health Coach (at no cost!) who will help you create and manage your personalized SMART Health Action Plan.

Participate in Your Health – Take control of your health and fully participate in your healthcare with our empowering health and wellness program.

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