CarpeVITA Precision Health provides a full continuum of care that helps individuals Predict, Prevent, Personalize, and Participate in their health. This CV4P™ approach to health and wellness kicks off with genomic testing to help individuals understand their genetic strengths and weaknesses related to health. Individuals then work with a CarpeVITA Personal Health Coach who helps them create a personalized SMART Health Action Plan.

The combination of Genomic Testing and Health Coaching services is a powerful solution that empowers individuals to take control of their health. They can make more informed decisions about their health and engage in the lifestyle adjustments that will work for them, both of which improves their health outcomes.

About CarpeVITA Genomic Testing

Our genomic tests are simple to perform and take a matter of seconds. No needles or blood samples are needed – only a saliva sample. Testing is performed by our state-of-the-art, certified laboratory partners. Full-color, easy to read, detailed, personalized reports are provided electronically, containing not only your results but also suggested guidelines to follow based on your results. Results are reviewed with your health coach/healthcare provider.

Learn more about Genomic Testing here.

About CarpeVITA Health Coaching

After you’ve taken your genetic test, a CarpeVITA Certified Personal Health Coach will work with you to begin your health coaching services. This is where the magic happens! The genomic test itself isn’t going to help you. It’s the action steps you take after you receive your results that will transform your health and your life. A Health Coach turns our genomic tests into an interactive process that leads to results.

Learn more about Health Coaching here.

Why Should You Choose CarpeVITA Precision Health?

  • Through our proprietary CV4P™ approach, we help individuals improve health outcomes with Prediction, Prevention, Personalization and Participation.
  • We offer a comprehensive and unique approach to health and wellness, not just a genetic testing product. Our Health Coaching services powered by cutting-edge software that helps us turn thousands of clinical studies into actionable, personalized steps, and coupled with our GenoTests is what helps people achieve the health they desire.
  • The comprehensiveness of our genomic reports is far superior to other genomic testing companies.
  • We use a wide expanse of analysis to screen genes and there is a strong scientific pool behind the data used to create our reports.
  • We offer unique solutions to assist you with your genomic data, such as lifestyle and preventative solutions that help providers and their patients create and manage a SMART Health Action Plan based on the patient’s individual needs.
  • We are partnered with the leading DNA researchers in the world, including myGenomics s.r.l, a European leader, and RUCDR – Rutgers University Center for DNA Research, the leading genetics lab in the US.
  • We work with Healthcare Professionals and Health Coaches to make sure you understand the information about your genetic makeup and can use the information to manage your lifestyle and health.

About CarpeVITA Genomics’ Patient Confidentiality & Transparency

We believe in being fully transparent and in going above and beyond to protect our clients’ privacy. We’ve dedicated an entire page about those things here: Our Transparency Statements.

Our CV4P™ Approach

As a CarpeVITA Health company, we are uniquely positioned to provide our clients with a full continuum of care that empowers our clients to improve, not just maintain, their health and wellbeing. With our CV4P™ approach, our genomics services, and our health coaching services, you can truly predict, prevent, personalize and participate in your health. It’s all about YOU as an individual and staying ahead of the health issues that are more likely to come up for you.

About CarpeVITA Genomics

The CarpeVITA Genomics Value Proposition

To Clients: We provide the best, personalized information that will empower you to make the lifestyle changes and health decisions to prevent disease and live a happier and healthier life.

To Healthcare Provider Partners: We empower healthcare professionals to make the best healthcare decisions, better understand patients, prevent disease, lower healthcare costs and improve patient health outcomes and satisfaction – and at the same time will generate new revenues and keep patient loyal.

To the Government, the Health System and Population in General: Through our healthcare professional partners, we can have a dramatic impact on the way healthcare is practiced in the U.S., propelling a shift from transactional, fee-for-service, disease-focused reactive care to patient-centric health management, prevention, and long-term wellness. In so doing, costs will decline, clinical and lifestyle solutions will be more effective and patients will be healthier and happier.

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