• Why You Shouldn’t Count Calories To Lose Weight

    It’s burned into our brains that the more calories we consume, the more weight we will gain, and because of that people think low fat is best. Our own food pyramid reflects that outlook. This misguided information is a big part of what has led to an unhealthy America. Trying to live a healthful life via the Food Pyramid, even as it was reconfigured in January 2005, practically guarantees one thing: long-term nutritional failure.

    Stop Counting Calories-350What counting calories doesn’t take into consideration are all the other elements that contribute to weight loss or weight gain. For example, a 400-calorie serving of fettuccine is less fattening than a 210-calorie packet of sugar because table sugar is absorbed rapidly by the body, causing a glucose spike and converting the calories into fat. Fettuccine, on the other hand, burns more slowly, causing almost no conversion to fat.

    Simply put, low calorie diets don’t work. Low calorie foods do not satisfy your hunger, and that means you’ll be reaching for more in no time. Most people eventually give up on this type of diet because they’re so tired of being in a state of hunger all day long. Low calorie diets also leave you malnourished because they don’t supply you with the essential nutrients your body needs. This leads to moodiness, low energy, hunger and binging.

    Instead of counting calories, maintain a diet rich in medicinal foods consisting of smart proteins, vital oils and antioxidants. Examples are minimally processed grains, vegetables, beans, poultry, lean meats, nuts, eggs, extra virgin olive oil, berries and herbs. Also, be sure to avoid glucose spikes by eating every few hours. By eating in this manner, you can stop calorie counting, while watching your health improve.


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