• Why You Should Get Back to Nature!

    Stop Foo-Fooing What is Natural!

    It’s time to get back to nature. Most of our bodies are ridden with toxic chemicals, from the foods we eat and drink, the products we put on our skin, the drugs we take, the air we breathe, and the chemicals we work with. The culmination of all of these toxins can lead to an overall poisoning in the body.

    Back to NatureThe human race has somehow come to the assumption that man-made is better than nature, but we are starting to see the fault in that belief as we look around us at all of the cancer, diabetes, autism, food allergies and environmental issues that have recently risen.

    Think about it – our bodies are natural. No person is synthetic or man-made, therefore any synthetics that we put into or onto our bodies are foreign to us, and that means our bodies have to adapt to these new “invaders” in one way or another.

    This is not to say that pharmaceuticals don’t have their rightful place in medicine, but most people tend to foo-foo anything natural simply because they are used to the notion that synthetic is better.

    Natural medicinal herbs and medicinal foods work to naturally heal and benefit the whole person, which is why there are typically very few, if any, side affects that come along with them. Synthetic medicines, however, treat only one issue without taking the whole body into account, therefore they often end up causing side affects and issues with other parts of the body, as evidenced by the list of side effects given on commercials for these drugs. Processed foods are chuck full of synthetic chemicals that our bodies don’t know what to do with, and unfortunately many “health foods” are not really healthy when you really decode the label.

    Our message for the day: Use pharmaceuticals as needed, but always consider natural options. Consult with your physician to determine a combination of traditional and alternative treatments that can work for you. Always look for familiar ingredients for anything you buy that will be put in your body, on your body or into the environment. Stop foo-fooing what is natural, and start respecting how incredible it really is.



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