• Why We Talk Ourselves Out of Making Healthy Choices

    More and more, healthier messages are all around us, and for many of us, it isn’t so much ignorance as much as self sabotage that keeps us from leading the healthy lifestyle we desire. We all have that inner talk that somehow manages to derail us from our healthy choices. It happens to even the most health conscious people. But why?

    It’s as simple as this. Our behavior is most influenced by our feelings. So even though we know intellectually that we should eat healthy, drink a lot of water, get to bed at a reasonable time and make sure we get consistent exercise, it’s our emotions that are determining whether we will follow through or not.

    Here are some tips to help you follow through with your healthy choices:

    How to Make Healthy Choices1) Deliberately put yourself in situations that will help you feel like you need to do the healthy things you want to do. For example, you could enter into a fundraising walk. This way, you have commitments that you need to fulfill, and therefore, you will feel like you have to stick to your trainings.

    2) Keep it simple and make subtle changes. People often fail because they turn the changes they want to make into a complicated task that no one could or would even want to take on. Instead of setting out to exercise everyday and never eat anything unhealthy, start off slow. Add one workout routine to your week to start and cut out one or two foods. Then work up from there. Make it easy on yourself. The harder it FEELS, the more likely it is that your feelings of not wanting to do it will run the show.

    3) Make lifestyle changes, instead of hopping on the next fad diet that promises immediate results. If it’s not part of your lifestyle, it won’t be sustainable and it will only lead to more frustration. Plus, most fad diets are unhealthy (which negates the point of trying to make healthier choices!).

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