• Why Boomers Need to Take Better Care of Themselves

    A national MDVIP survey of 1,049 baby boomers conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs revealed that “while 94 percent of boomers believe preventive care is an important part of staying healthy, three out of four say they should be doing more to better manage their health (74 percent). Half of boomers (46 percent) say they don’t exercise regularly, and more than a third say they don’t eat healthy (35 percent) or get sufficient sleep (37 percent, 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night).” There are is so much clear evidence as to why boomers need to take better care of themselves, so why aren’t they?

    Why Boomers Need to Take Better Care of ThemselvesWhat is Causing the Discrepancy?

    It seems boomers are lacking the motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle even though they understand the importance of it. 43% of them said it would take a life-threatening diagnosis for them make a bigger investment in their health and 14% said having that happen to a friend or family member would also motivate them.

    Primary care is certainly falling short as well, which is evident by the fact that 45% of the boomers reported that they are frustrated with their primary care experience, especially with the wait times in the office, the hassle of trying to get an appointment, and the limited time they are given with their doctor when they do get an appointment. The report further stated, “For most boomers, the actual experience of visiting their primary care doctor is a chore.”

    When asked what they would want in a primary care doctor, “62 percent say visits that don’t feel hurried and last as long as needed; 50 percent want a physician with a kind and compassionate bedside manner; and 39 percent want a physician who focuses more on prevention and wellness, not just treating them when they’re sick.”

    Why Boomers Need to Take Better Care of Themselves

    There are so many reasons why boomers need to take better care of themselves. Let’s look at the top reasons:

    • Most Chronic Conditions Are Preventable – Most of the top chronic conditions in our nation are preventable, including heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease. Although it seems many boomers understand this, it’s still the most important reason they need to do a better job managing their health. If you can make some simple changes in your life now that will allow you to live a better quality of life for the rest of your life, what is holding you back?
    • Boomers Are Living Longer – Boomers are expected to live longer than previous generations due to advances in medicine, but that doesn’t mean they are living healthier. Instead, they are suffering more years with chronic diseases that lead to low quality of life. No one wants that.
    • It’s Not As Hard As It Seems – 28% of the boomers surveyed said that if an expert created a clear care plan for them, that would be a motivating factor for them to take better care of themselves. This is a prime example of how doing what you need to do to stay healthy can be easier and that the motivation of having a goal to strive for along with a professional who is working together with you can make all the difference. As part of our CV4P™ model at CarpeVITA Health, we provide you with a personalized care plan and a care coordinator who is there to help you predict what might come up for you, prevent those issues from coming up, personalize your care, and help you participate in your health in new and exciting ways.
    • Primary Care Doesn’t Have To Be a Chore – New models are popping up, making traditional primary care no longer the only option. CarpeVITA Health provides integrated care that is based on helping you stay well through prediction, prevention, personalization and participation. Our teams of physicians and integrated healthcare providers work together to provide you with compassionate care that exceeds the standards of our patients. Soon, CarpeVITA Health Networks will be available near you!







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