• Why Am I Having This Craving?

    Food cravings come from imbalances in the body, but often we misinterpret these signals that the brain is giving us. When your body is craving a specific kind of food, like sweets or salty food, you can be sure that your brain is not really telling you that your body requires those foods. Instead, what your body really wants are certain vitamins and nutrients that it is currently deficient in. There are certainly better choices we can make when it comes to fulfilling our cravings. Here are some examples:

    • Why am I having this craving?When you crave chocolate, your body is most likely in need of magnesium, which can be fulfilled by eating raw nuts, seeds, legumes or fruit.
    • When you crave bread, your body could be in need of nitrogen, which can be solved by eating high protein foods like nuts, beans, fish and meat.
    • If you carve fatty foods, you could be deficient in calcium. Eating sesame, legumes, broccoli or kale can fulfill that craving.
    • If you crave salty foods, you could be in need of chloride, which can be fulfilled by eating raw goat milk, fish or unrefined sea salt.

    Next time you have one of these cravings, try one of the suggested alternatives and then honestly determine if your cravings still exists. You might be pleasantly surprised!

    NOTE: Another great thing about this tactic is that once you start substituting these foods and balancing out your nutrient deficiencies, your body will start craving the healthy stuff! How great is that?


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