• The Importance of Ergonomics

    Ergonomics is the scientific study of the relationship between man and his working environment, and the purpose of it is to make the work environment safer and more efficient.

    Work environments that lead a person to endure awkward postures, uncomfortable temperatures and repeated movements can result in muscular, nerve and skeletal conditions, not to mention the discomfort and pain that comes with such disorders.

    Here Are 6 Keys to Mastering Ergonomics in Your Work Environment:

    Ergonomic Desk-3501)  Everyone is a different size, therefore everyone’s ergonomic strategies should be different. Make sure you find a chair that is suited for your height, and adjust your chair’s height so that you aren’t slouching.

    2)  Anything that causes you to be in a certain position for long periods of time or to endure repetitive activities will end in pain. To counteract this, rotate jobs throughout the day and take breaks to stretch.

    3)  Any posture that causes you to slouch or bend over can lead to long-term musculoskeletal conditions. Adjust your office so that items you need on a regular basis are in close reach, and make an effort to correct your posture throughout the day.

    4)  Always seek support for your back, neck, feet and anything else you can think of. Try lumbar support pillows if you need more chair support, make sure your shoes supply proper support if you stand or walk a lot, and even ensure the pen you write with fits your hand properly.

    5)  If you can avoid an awkward position, you should. Make sure your computer monitor is straight ahead of you instead of off to the side, and adjust its height so that you are looking at the top third of the monitor. Keep your keyboard and mouse in a comfortable place and ensure your wrists are being supported. Use a document holder and place it next to your monitor so that you don’t have to constantly move your head. Don’t hold the phone with your neck and don’t carry handbags on your shoulder.

    6)  Eyestrain is also something that should be taken into account. Make an effort to reduce any glares on your monitor and be sure that the lighting is not conducive to eyestrain.



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