• Prevention Tips for Optimal Health

    Prevention is the primary key to optimal health because when you can prevent an illness or disease, you don’t have to find a way to treat it. Treating a health condition may or may not work, whereas not getting a health condition in the first place ensures success.

    Prevention and wellness go hand-in-hand, and a wellness state is made possible by leading a life of healthy lifestyle habits. Here are our best prevention tips for optimal health:

    Prevention Starts With Prediction

    P4 Health Prevention-350When we can predict a health condition, we can make informed decisions that give us the opportunity to prevent it. That may seem impossible, but with the latest science, it is becoming more and more doable everyday.

    With the study of genomics, our DNA can provide insights into diseases we are genetically predisposed to, as well as the treatments and nutrients that would benefit you the most. With a CarpeVITA Genomics GenoTest, for example, a simple saliva test can provide this information, and then you and your health care provider(s) can work together to create a personalized health plan that just might prevent those diseases you are more likely to get.

    Ensure You’re Getting the Nutrients You Need

    Although a genomics test can serve as a tool to help you prevent those diseases you are genetically predisposed to, it does not help prevent diseases and health conditions that can result from poor lifestyle choices and environmental conditions. That’s why you still need to make healthy lifestyle choices on a day-to-day basis.

    Nutrients provide the body with the support it needs to stay healthy and function properly. There is no substitute for eating nutritious foods, and staying away from unhealthy foods is just as important. Here are some tips for helping you choose the right foods.

    Health Benefits of Supplements-350Supplements are another way to get the nutrients your body needs. It’s not a substitute for eating healthy foods, but it is a good idea to “supplement” your healthy diet with supplements. That’s because the nutrient content and quality of most foods that are grown today are low compared to those of a hundred years ago. Our farming methods have depleted the nutrients in our soil, leaving our produce to be less nutritious.

    Herbal supplements help improve nutrient deficiencies while supporting the body’s natural ability to heal itself and perform optimally. Instead of covering up symptoms, supplements work on the cause of the issue. They can be used to prevent and treat a multitude of health conditions, however self-treatment is not advised. When taken properly, supplements can transform your health and wellness, but when taken improperly, they can cause issues. That’s why we recommend working together with a health care provider. You can learn more in these articles:

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    Movement Tunes the Body Up for Optimal Health

    We all know that when a car isn’t used consistently, it will not work properly. The same is true for our bodies. Without consistent movement, our systems start to shut down, and then it becomes more and more difficult to perform normal everyday tasks.

    The best exercise is movement that is engaged in throughout the day instead of all at once. So many of us are programmed to work out at the gym for 45-60 minutes before or after work, and while that is better than nothing, it isn’t sufficient if you work a job that requires you to sit all day.

    The more we engage our muscles throughout the day, the healthier we will be. If you have a job that requires you to sit for many hours at a time, break up that time by doing stretches and small walks every hour. When you try this, you will probably notice a big boost in your energy, your mental clarity, your overall health and even weight management. Learn more here: Is Too Much Sitting Killing You?

    Take Control of Your Life With P4 Health

    Prevention is one of the four P’s in P4 Health, a revolution that is restructuring and transforming our healthcare system, the services available to us, and our health in general. By adopting the concept of P4 Health for yourself, you’ll center your health and wellness around Prediction, Prevention, Personalization and Participation. It’s time to Carpe Vita, which means “Take Control of Your Life!”

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  1. Albin Dittli says:

    I agree with you. Prevention is much easier, and less costly, then disease. Good nutrition and some good nutritional supplements are excellent prevention. Thanks for the good information

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