Why Participate?

The current healthcare system is fragmented, with disconnected care points trying to serve each patient. It is facility- and provider-centric, not patient-centric, and it is procedure- and illness-oriented instead of being health outcomes-oriented. Fees are collected for services instead of the focus being on quality and value.

With the Affordable Care Act, a major transformation in the healthcare system is occurring that is driving the need for rapid, dramatic change. It is being driven to evolve from a “sick care” system to a population health system where health care providers are being expected to keep their patients out of the hospital.

Payment models are being disrupted, and practices are struggling to generate profits as a result. Primary care is now being driven to alternative care providers (not to mention Walmart) and retail health is becoming an integral part of the healthcare system.

Real economic incentives for individuals to get healthy and stay healthy are now emerging, and economic drivers for a new health care provider business model are coming into play as well.

Health care providers need to transition their business models if they are to survive.

“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” ~Max DePree, Leadership is an Art

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