The CarpeVITA Health Network Solution

CarpeVITA partners with health care providers to provide them with marketing, technology and channel development services that will transform their practices for the new healthcare system.

We help assemble local health and wellness networks around our partnered health care providers, and we connect consumers and patients by collaborating with integrated health providers, such as fitness, wellness and complementary medicine providers.

Our partnered health care providers are established as the hub of the integrated network and they serve as a new local point of entry for consumers and patients to go to before a health episode, as well as after discharge.

We connect each consumer or patient (member) to their “Circle of Care” – a technology-enabled, personalized health care coordinator that is brought to the member through a centralized call center and technology platform.

The Circle of Care platform enables all health care providers and other health and wellness product providers to collaborate in order to provide guidance and care to the member.

Marketing of healthcare and wellness products and services is provided through the coordination of the virtual care navigator.

We utilize the accumulating data assets to predict, prevent and guide health care consumers and providers to the right point of care at the right time.

What is an Integrated Population Health Network?

CarpeVITA defines an integrated population health network as a collaboration among affiliated healthcare providers to address the health needs of a population by offering a continuum of medical, health and wellness services, products, education and resources. Each CarpeVITA Health Network is an integrated population health network.

How Do CarpeVITA Health Networks Work?

The technology-enabled Care Coordinator knows, understands, and guides a member, customer, or patient to the right point of care in an otherwise confusing system with a myriad of dead-ends and expensive obstacles. The network includes a wide-ranging support system including health care professionals, supporting care providers and family members, all focused on each patient and their specific care and wellness needs, each one being connected through the CarpeVITA Circle of Care Technology.

More than a healthcare concierge, the Care Coordinator is a patient advocate and liaison to an otherwise uncoordinated system with frustrating gaps and redundancies. The Care Coordinator delivers healthcare to the member or patient and guides the patient through a system now focused on both getting a patient healthy and keeping them healthy.

This new patient relationship model brings forward the traditions of the family doctor of years gone by and adds a new trusted guide and expert and a comfortable “home base” for an otherwise complex healthcare system.

Combining retail health economics with payer participation and selective reimbursement models, this new efficient, profitable care management model can meet the demands of our transitioning healthcare system. It will accomplish the objectives of the ACA by delivering real improved health outcomes to groups of individuals and will thereby become the true leader in population health.

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