Circle of Care Software

Our proprietary Circle of Care coordination software connects individuals to all of the caregivers that support their health and wellness. It provides care coordinators and care navigators with a tool to manage the health and wellness system in support of each patient and it allows each provider in the CarpeVITA Health Network to dialog with each other.

Benefits for Health Care Providers:

This secure cloud-based platform will revolutionize the way hospitals, health care providers and patients communicate, collaborate and share relevant patient clinical data. Health care providers will now have the right information when they need it.

  • Interact and coordinate ongoing engagement with patients and their care team
  • Escalate care as-needed based on patient behaviors
  • Intelligent patient charts containing all the info you need in one place
  • Streamlined referrals
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Reduced redundancies and errors
  • HIPAA compliant

Benefits for Patients:

The CarpeVITA Life Control Mobile Applications connect patients to their Circle of Care, and allows patients to engage in their health management. Patients manage and determine the level of information they want to share with each member of their Circle of Care. They can refer health care providers into their network and they can receive important alerts from providers.

  • Interact with your care team so that everyone is on the same page
  • Receive better care and more efficient results
  • Track your medications and care program
  • Reduced redundancies and errors
  • HIPAA compliant
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