“P4 Medicine will create enormous wealth for those who adopt it. In 10-15 years, the wellness industry will far exceed the disease industry, also known as the health care industry.”
~ Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, President of the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, WA

CarpeVITA provides physicians with a comprehensive way to engage our CV4P™ approach. Each CarpeVITA Health Network positions its head physician(s) as a pioneer in a new technology-enabled business model that is transforming healthcare.

We help physicians transition their practices into new virtual, integrated health systems that allow patients and providers to move away from sick-care by managing their health instead.

Our model allows providers to generate cost savings and systems with changing payment models. It helps generate new revenues for health care providers and it helps build the retail and consumer health channel for the integrated health system of the future.

Personalized Health NetworksPillars of the CarpeVITA Model

  • Helping physicians engage their patients in P4 health that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory
  • Bringing physicians more revenue so they can survive the new health care economy
  • Enabling health care provider practices to become the hub of patient-centric health management ecosystems
  • Connection, collaboration and consumer empowerment
  • Integrated Technology that supports collaborative, patient-centric health and patient engagement
  • Facilitating “Population Health” objectives by assembling integrated health and wellness networks to serve as an “ecosystem” for a new integrated health system with a licensed health care provider as the hub
  • Organization of products and services to be delivered within the health and wellness channel, offering consumer convenience, choice and commerce

CarpeVITA, Inc. was created to meet the challenges presented by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by delivering the new healthcare business model that will transform the US healthcare system to deliver efficient, quality care, while meeting the difficult economic challenges now facing U.S. health care providers.

Working together with physicians and health care providers, CarpeVITA connects traditional care models to a new model of medically-driven wellness. The new model relies on lifestyle-based health improvement, risk management, and patient care management. Care begins prior to an acute health crises, working through appropriate care choices for each health issue or concern, thus minimizing crises. Our model includes coordinated continuing care for chronic or persistent health needs and the transition of clients and patients to sustainable, healthier lifestyles.

CarpeVITA partners with physicians and health care professionals to establish and operate medically-based CarpeVITA Health Networks that bring a continuum of health services to members, patients, health and wellness consumers and the community at large.

Physician-Driven Health NetworkCarpeVITA provides expertise, services, products, technologies, business and network development, organizational development and other resources to create new points of integrated health, wellness and medical care not currently existing in the US healthcare system.

Our approach closes the gaps in the traditional healthcare system with a new system, combining the treatment of disease or chronic health problems with the management of one’s health. The CarpeVITA business is designed to put individuals back at the center and in control of their own health care with a coordinated, integrated health and wellness team available, focused and ready to serve.

CarpeVITA offers the ability to purchase medical and complementary health lifestyle products and services from a coordinated provider network. The network allows physician practices to engage their patients in a “direct pay” medical service model (similar to concierge medicine models), a comprehensive schedule of cash pay and reimbursed medical and therapeutic services, as well as health and wellness products and services, consumer education, and support.

CarpeVITA offers a comprehensive evaluation of health and wellness consumers, provides them with guidance and software and surrounds each individual with a “Circle of Care” by creating a collaborative, member-focused network of integrated health and wellness providers to ensure that people get healthy and stay healthy.

CarpeVITA Health Networks present physicians and health care providers with the opportunity to transform their practices to meet the changing healthcare system with success. Some of the benefits providers can enjoy include:

Increase Your Client-Base Without Increasing Your Work Load

By becoming the hub of a CarpeVITA Health Network, you will open up new avenues for revenue at a time when you need it most. You can succeed at a time when many health care providers unfortunately won’t due to the drastic healthcare system changes that are taking place.

Physician-Based Health NetworkThese additional avenues of revenue are made possible without an increase in your work load. As a partner of CarpeVITA, our certified care coordinators are there to assist your patients and help direct them to the providers, products and services in the network that will serve them best.

More Effective Care for Your Patients

CarpeVITA Health Networks provide patients with a team of providers working together for their greatest good. They are able to take part in a care program that is most effective for them as an individual, leading to improved patient outcomes. Our integrated approach means they will get the most well-rounded care possible, helping to facilitate population health objectives. Patients have full control over their network and they can approve and invite providers within the software that they feel will best work for them. Through your CarpeVITA Health Network, you’ll be able to reignite your passion for health care by helping your patients truly experience and maintain optimal health and wellness.

State of the Art Technology

CarpeVITA’s Circle of Care software allows for full integration and communication between the patient and his or her health care providers, family and caregivers. By collaborating in this way, each provider has access to the same set of data, allowing for better care with less redundancies and mistakes. With the advantage of CarpeVITA’s Circle of Care technology, continuous engagement, monitoring and feedback is possible, providing the opportunity for immediate reaction to health needs through real time connection.

Better Customer Service

The use of certified care coordinators and the CarpeVITA Circle of Care software naturally allows for better customer service. That’s because patients will be able to engage in and manage their own health in a much more convenient, easy way. They will have answers to their questions at-their-fingertips and won’t be left confused and unsure how to proceed with a health care plan.

You can become the hub of our next CarpeVITA Integrated Health Network!

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