• Personalize Your Health For Best Results

    Until recently, medicine was pretty much a one-size fits all approach, with treatments and medications being administered based on limited knowledge that centered on statistics of general populations instead of individual people. Even with the best advances in science, this was the best we could do.

    Recent developments in new science, however, have opened the medical industry up to a personalized approach to medicine and health care. It is based on more precise, predictable and beneficial medicine that is customized to each individual’s genetic makeup. This is producing strong advancements in diagnosis, medications and treatments that are safer and more effective.

    Personalized Medicine-350With the transformation to personalized medicine, our healthcare system is shifting from a reactive system to a proactive system, and from treatment to prevention. Prevention is more accurate and effective than treatment because there are too many factors related to diseases that we still don’t fully understand. When we rely on treatment alone, we are relying on something that is unpredictable and ineffective for many people, while only being effective for some people.

    Drugs and treatments have typically been developed as a result of performing studies on broad populations of people, yet according to The Jackson Laboratory, “on average, any given prescription drug now on the market only works for half of those who take it. Among cancer patients, the rate of ineffectiveness jumps to 75 percent.”

    P4 Health

    Personalized medicine approaches are already available, and CarpeVITA is one of the leaders of this P4 Health approach, which will revolutionize the healthcare industry and our health as we know it. P4 Health stands for health that is Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory, and CarpeVITA Health Networks are based on their CV4P™ approach.


    Genomics is the science that is leading this personalized health transformation. It allows scientists to evaluate an individual’s DNA to make predictions based on diseases the individual is genetically predisposed to and the treatments and medications that are likely to work best for the individual. A CarpeVITA Genomics GenoTest can be taken with a simple saliva sample, and then individuals can work together with their health provider(s) to create a more effective, customized plan of care.

    Environmental & Lifestyle Habits

    It is important to point out that personalized medicine does not take into account environmental and lifestyle factors that could lead a person to develop a disease, and that if a genomics test finds that you are not genetically predisposed to a disease, it does not mean that you won’t get the disease due to environmental and/or lifestyle factors.

    For this reason, it is important to engage in healthy lifestyle habits, refrain from unhealthy lifestyle habits and avoid unhealthy environmental factors. With the help of your physician, consider taking herbal supplements to support the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Eat a healthy diet, get consistent exercise, don’t smoke, reduce the stress in your life, and give your body the sleep it needs to rejuvenate each night.

    Take Control of Your Life With P4 Health

    Personalization is one of the four P’s in P4 Health, a revolution that is restructuring and transforming our healthcare system, the services available to us, and our health in general. By adopting the concept of P4 Health for yourself, you’ll center your health and wellness around Prediction, Prevention, Personalization and Participation. It’s time to Carpe Vita, which means “Take Control of Your Life!”

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