Maintaining health isn’t easy these days. Managing numerous health care providers, knowing who to trust, having the time to take care of yourself, getting the information you need and paying for it all can be difficult. The current healthcare system isn’t helping matters either. Fortunately, CarpeVITA’s CV4P™ approach and our CarpeVITA Health Networks provide the solutions.

Each CarpeVITA Health Network is an integrated, patient-centered, physician-based center that incorporates conventional medicine with alternative medicine to support your well-being and your whole person. It’s a way to manage all of your health needs in one place in a more effective and efficient way.

Supportive Health CarePersonalized Networks

At CarpeVITA, you are the center of your network. You control what providers are in your network, and what products and services you engage in. You even have the freedom to invite your own providers into your network if they are not already a part of the network. It’s all built around you and your needs.


Using cutting edge genomics and testing methods, along with the integration of your family history, CarpeVITA will help you predict what areas you need to focus on when it comes to your health. Powered with this information, you can make informed decisions so that you can prevent disease.


The only way to enjoy optimal health is to prevent potential diseases and illnesses. CarpeVITA Health Networks ensure you get the best predictive health for earlier diagnosis and avoidance of health crisis.


Our integrative approach allows you to personalize your wellness plan so that you aren’t at the mercy of your doctor’s opinion and you aren’t testing out medicines and solutions without knowing what will actually work for you. With personalized medicine, you are essentially setting yourself as the control and creating your own personal baseline and “statistics.”


Using our collaborative Circle of Care software and our personalized approach to medicine, you are able to participate in your own health easier and more conveniently than ever before. The future of medicine is all about being in the driver’s seat of your own health, and we are pioneering that shift.

More Effective Care

CarpeVITA Integrated Health Networks provide you with the best care. Each provider’s care is integrated with the others, meaning you get a team of providers working together for your greatest good. Plus, you are getting the CV4P™ benefits of genetic prediction, prevention, personalization and participation. This improves patient outcomes and gives you a care program that is most effective for you as an individual.


Your CarpeVITA Health Network provides you with a single point of contact for your care. You no longer need to manage multiple health care providers who work separately. CarpeVITA manages your personalized network and integrates all of your personal data into one database that each provider you approve gets access to. Plus, you can call and speak with a certified care coordinator as needed who will help direct you to the right information and providers based on your unique situation.

Reduced Cost

CarpeVITA Health Networks allow you to receive a higher value of care at lower costs. You’ll prevent illnesses that could otherwise cost you thousands of dollars, and you’ll be able to receive discounts from many providers that are not covered by your insurance.

Integrated CareIntegrated Care

CarpeVITA’s Circle of Care software allows for full integration and communication between the patient and his or her health care providers, family and caregivers. You will no longer have separate records at each provider and you won’t need to jump through hoops to access your records. Every provider and family member you approve will have access to the same set of data, which means you will get better care with less redundancies and mistakes.

State of the Art Technology & Ongoing Support

With the advantage of CarpeVITA’s Circle of Care technology, continuous engagement, monitoring and feedback is possible, providing the opportunity for immediate reaction to health needs through real time connection. The best diagnostic equipment and technology is used to identify health imbalances and monitor the results as each member moves forward with their individual health plans.

Healthy FamilyMore Choices, Resources & Information

CarpeVITA Health Networks provide you with more choices, at-your-fingertips information and guidance through our health concierge services. When you call to speak with a certified care coordinator, you are guided through all the choices that are available to you based on your personal situation. You no longer need to wonder who to call, how you can acquire the information you seek and what resources are available to you. And the vast amount of providers, products and services in our networks, along with the ability to personalize your networks, gives you the most customized health care choices possible.

Better Customer Service

The use of certified care coordinators and the CarpeVITA Circle of Care software naturally allows for better customer service. You’ll be able to engage in and manage your own health in a much more convenient, easy way. You will have answers to your questions at-your-fingertips and won’t be left confused and unsure how to proceed with a health care plan.

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