• Know How to Spot a Fad Diet

    Fad diets are diets that become popular and then lose popularity. While the definition of a fad diet doesn’t mean the diet is a failure, these diets typically do not work over the long run and many of them come with health risks. We advise engaging in healthy lifestyle habits instead of trying out the newest fad diet. Doing so will keep you healthy and you’ll lose weight naturally and be able to stay that way.

    Here’s How to Spot a Fad Diet

    How to  Spot a Fad DietStay away from diets that claim you will lose a certain amount of weight in a small amount of time. The body is not designed to lose weight that quickly, and not only is it not safe, but it is impossible. What is really happening as the pounds are coming off is that the weight you are losing is mostly water weight, which means when you start eating normally again, the weight will pile right back on.

    Stay away from diets that require you take weight loss pills. These pills typically are not safe and have not been researched enough to know just how safe they might be. While they may claim to block the absorption of fat, suppress appetite or speed up metabolism, they are most likely also causing you to not get the nutrients you need while adding unwanted chemicals to your body at the same time. Herbal supplements can be a good substitute for weight loss pills, but even those should be taken with the assistance from a physician.

    Stay away from diets that require cutting back calories. Eating a low calorie diet leaves the body in a constant state of hunger, and that means you will never feel satisfied and you will not get the nutrients you need to have energy. Learn more about why low calorie diets don’t work here.

    Stay away from diets that require you to eat only certain combinations of food or to eat only certain foods. For the most part, these diets don’t allow you to get the full range of nutrition that you need. An exception to this is diets that eliminate only unhealthy foods or foods that can cause reactions, such as dairy, table sugar and gluten. Eliminating foods like this can be healthy, but diets that have you eating only protein, for example are not.

    Stay away from diets that require you to skip meals. No one can sustain a diet like this, and skipping meals will leave you feeling moody, tired and agitated. Plus, it leads to spikes and lows in your glucose levels, which is not healthy.



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