• How to Feel Full of Energy

    We all want more energy, and for the most part, we all can have more! Because when it comes down to it, the amount of energy we have comes from the lifestyle we lead. Stop turning to coffee as your main source of energy. Try these ideas instead:

    How to Have EnergyWhole Foods – If you are eating mostly processed foods, such as pre-packaged meals, packaged snacks and lunchmeats, you are not giving your body quality energy. Whole foods, such as fruit, vegetables, raw nuts, whole grains and sprouted grains provide the body with energy that is closest to the source. By taking in the life force of plants, your life force gets stronger. Processed foods simply cannot come close.

    Snack Smart – It is important to provide your body with a constant supply of energy throughout the day, and that means eating 3 main meals and snacking in between. The key is to choose snacks that will actually provide nutrients to fuel your energy supply. A donut is only going to zap your energy, but a handful of nuts or some fruits or vegetables will pick you up.

    Exercise – It takes energy to exercise, but the good news is that you’ll receive double the amount of energy back. This is because exercise increases blood flow, which moves more oxygen throughout your body. The body then turns that oxygen into energy. Plus, the more we exercise, the better shape we will be in, and that means we won’t tire as easily. So, while it can be hard to get yourself moving at first, know that the rewards will be so great that once you start, you really will want to make exercise a daily habit. Try some of these Fun Exercise Ideas to get you going, and if time is an issue for you, try these 5 Tips For Finding Time to Exercise.

    Breathe Properly – When we breathe, we bring oxygen into our bodies, which our bodies then uses to create energy. The problem is that more of us breathe too shallowly, which means the oxygen doesn’t have the opportunity to give us much in the way of energy. Take five minutes each day to practice fully inhaling. Imagine there is a balloon in your belly and each time you inhale, it fills up. Then hold the breathe for 2-3 seconds and then slowly release the breathe. The more you do this, the more you will find that you are breathing correctly without thinking about it. Yoga is another method that can help you learn how to breathe more fully.

    Get Some Sun – Too many of us are scared to be in the sun, and while we do need to be careful about the amount of sun we get, our bodies do require sun. How long can a plant or flower survive without sunlight, and if it does survive, how healthy will it be? We are no different. In fact, the sun is so valuable in providing energy that solar energy is one of our hottest sources of electricity these days. Have you ever noticed that you feel more depressed in the winter? It’s because you aren’t getting much sun. Make an effort to get 15 minutes of sun without sun block each day. After that, if you want more sun, put sun block on.

    Practice Gratitude – The mind and body are not separate from each other. The connection is strong, and that means that the way you think affects your physical health and your energy levels. If you are constantly complaining and being negative, your energy will be at an all time low. If, however, you are feeling good about your life, you will feel more alive and more vibrant. Vitality starts with the mind. Learn to adopt an attitude of gratitude, and you will boost your energy almost immediately. Spend five minutes each night jotting down what you are grateful for in a journal. This simple practice has changed many lives. 

    Sleep Well – If you’re not getting adequate sleep, obviously your energy levels will suffer. When we sleep, we revive our bodies and minds. Our bodies undergo the best healing while we sleep, restoring health and energy to our life force. If you suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea or any other sleep condition, it is important that you address the cause.

    Water – Dehydration is one of the biggest reasons for lethargy. You can survive for about a week without food but only a couple days without water. Water is another way to supply oxygen throughout the body, which then converts to energy. Cut out or at least cut down on soda and sugary beverages. Give your body the pure, vital beverage it deserves. Just make sure it is well filtered.

    Detoxify – Toxins build up in the body on a daily basis due to the chemicals found in the products we use on our bodies, in the foods we eat, on our furniture, and in the air we breathe. Toxins put a huge strain on the body, causing it to slow down and function less efficiently. When we detoxify the body in safe ways, we flush the system and feel a renewed burst of energy. Learn about all the different ways to detoxify your body here.

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