• Health Benefits of Raw Foods

    Raw foods are whole plant-based foods (ideally organic) that are in their natural state (unprocessed and uncooked). These foods are the healthiest foods you can consume, and they include:

    • Raw Foods -freedigitalphotos.net-tiveryluckyFresh fruits and vegetables
    • Nuts and seeds
    • Dried beans and legumes
    • Dried fruit
    • Dehydrated or sun-dried fruits and vegetables
    • Sprouted grains
    • Seaweed

    Raw foods contain essential enzymes that are the life force of the plant. You can imagine how beneficial consuming those enzymes is for our bodies. A cooked seed won’t grow, for example, just as it won’t do much for our health. Living foods, on the other hand, add to your life force when consumed.

    When these enzymes are cooked above 116˚F, they are destroyed. Cooking also kills many other essential vitamins and minerals. Dehydration is the only type of heating that will protect the delicate life force of the plant because the heat never gets above 115˚F.

    The health benefits of consuming raw foods are incredible. Here are some of the top benefits:

    Boosts Immune Function

    Since many raw foods are rich in vitamins A and C, they are great for warding off illness. Plus, each raw food contains a multitude of other vitamins and minerals that support the body’s immune function as well.

    Assists With Weight Loss

    Since raw foods are chuck full of nutrients, they keep the body in balance when it comes to weight. This is because processed and cooked foods that are much lower in nutrients leave the body high and dry for nutrients, causing the body to store fat to prevent starvation.

    In addition, raw foods contain Lipase and Protease enzymes that naturally assist with weight loss and weight management. Lipase is a naturally digestive enzyme that also helps with fat distribution and fat burning. Protease serves to break down proteins in the body and eliminate toxins, which is an important part of weight management.

    Improved Digestion

    Since raw foods contain natural digestive enzymes, your body doesn’t have to rely on its own digestive enzymes to digest them. When we consume foods that don’t contain these enzymes, it taxes the digestive system, leaving the system clogged and overworked. Raw foods also contain healthy amounts of fiber, which improves digestion and elimination.

    Increased Energy

    By consuming the life force of the plant, you are providing your body with additional energy. Plus, the vitamins, minerals and enzymes found in raw food helps the body function optimally, leaving more energy for you to enjoy instead of your body needing to use it for digestion and other functions.

    Lowered Risk of Chronic Disease

    Chronic diseases and the issues associated with them can often be avoided with proper nutrition, and raw foods are the main component of a healthy diet. The body simply can’t survive on the plethora of processed foods that line our supermarket shelves these days. Put some nature back into your diet and your long term health will improve as a result.

    Better Sleep

    Eating raw foods helps your body get back in tune with its natural sleep patterns, and if consumed consistently, you’ll find yourself falling asleep easier and staying asleep throughout the night. Many people report that they wake up feeling refreshed.

    Better Mental Clarity

    Raw foods are not only good for the body, but also the mind. Processed foods and all of the chemicals inside them, build up in the body and create a foggy mind. Most people experience an increased sense of clarity and focus when they consume more raw foods on a regular basis.


    Photo Credit: freedigitalphotos.net, tiverylucky



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