• Eat More Raw Foods For Vitality & Health

    Consuming raw foods consistently will have dramatic results on your health and wellbeing. Raw foods contain the life force of the plant you are eating, and that life force gets transferred to you. For example, a raw almond holds within it the life force needed to produce a tree, and as you can imagine, that means it contains an abundant amount of energy. By eating that almond, you bring that energy into your body. Once the almond is roasted or cooked, it loses its life force and the ability to make a tree. In the process, it loses much of its energy and nutrients, and although it is still healthy, the health benefits are lessened.

    vegetable juice_freedigitalphotos.netAnother reason raw foods are so healthy for us is because eating cooked foods requires much more energy to digest than raw foods do. Because of that, your body will have more energy to do other things, and people often find they need less sleep and are better able to focus and achieve their goals. The energy attained from eating a raw diet is a more sustainable energy than you can get from most other foods.

    Now I know what you’re thinking: “That’s great and all, but I simply can’t eat raw foods all the time.” In this day and age, that is just not feasible, but you can simply increase the amount of raw foods you eat. For example, eat a small salad with lunch and dinner. Eat a piece of fruit with breakfast or for dessert.

    There are plenty of easy snacks you can enjoy, some of which you may not even realize are considered raw. For example, Go Raw makes a line of cookies and snacks that contain sprouted seeds. The process of sprouting maintains the life force of the seed, so anytime you see a product with sprouted ingredients in it, you can feel good knowing you are eating a raw food. Of course, you can snack on raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. And don’t forget fresh herbs, which you can grow easily in your own herb garden.


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