CV4P™ is personalized health. It is generating a paradigm shift from evidence-based clinical studies to personalized medicine that is predictive and preventive.

CV4P™ allows you to first Predict and then Prevent any diseases you are likely to get, but it’s not a cookie-cutter method. It’s all based on your unique genetic makeup – it’s personalized to you, and that’s powerful.

This personalized medicine allows you to know what diseases you are likely to get and what drugs will work best for you. It allows you and your physician(s) to work together to create a personalized wellness plan that isn’t based on the results of others but on what will work best for your individual case.

With predictive medicine, your individualized health profile sets you as the control in establishing your optimal wellness baseline, instead of relying on population-based disease diagnosis.

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Personalize Your Health For Best Results

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