Our current healthcare system has created passive patients who simply act on the advice of their physicians. CV4P™ will shatter that method by empowering individuals to take control of their health. CV4P™ will be driven by the participation of these individuals who take ownership of their health as they discover they are able to maintain their wellness based on informed personalized wellness plans.

As patients participate in the CV4P™ approach, they will begin to create an invaluable database of unique, personal health data for themselves using new technology that will provide them with information that pertains to them individually. This will allow them to take action to improve their health in a more effective way than has ever been possible before.

At the same time, the data being compiled on each person will work together to collectively assist scientists in better understanding diseases so that they can create the drugs and treatments to prevent those diseases in the first place. The data sets collected will be the basis for our future healthcare system, one that is based on staying well.

Patient-driven networks like CarpeVITA Health Networks will make active patient participation easy and convenient. Individuals will be able to work together with their physician(s) to engage in personalized wellness plans, while utilizing technologies that allow them to maintain wellness and intervene with diseases pre-symptomatically. These technologies and tools will empower them to make the right healthy lifestyle choices and to share their progress with those they trust.

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How to Better Participate in Your Health

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