It’s not a secret that our health is in despair, with the chronic disease crisis and the obesity epidemic on the rise, yet the American Medicinal Association states that more than 98,000 annual deaths are preventable. It is evident that we need to take a more active role in our own health, and make healthy lifestyle changes that support the wellness of our whole being.

At the same time, however, we are dealing with a current healthcare system that is not supporting our endeavors to lead a life of wellness. The system isn’t effective and at the same time, it is getting more and more expensive. Fortunately, that is all about to change now that P4 health has come onto the horizon.

What is the CV4P™ Approach?

In short, CV4P is what will turn around our healthcare system and help maintain optimal wellness. It is based on the four P’s: Predict, Prevent, Personalize, Participate.

According to the P4 Medicine Institute, “The convergence of systems biology, the digital revolution and consumer-driven healthcare is transforming medicine from its current reactive mode, which is focused on treating disease, to a P4 Medicine model, which is medicine that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory.”

Eric Topal, MD states, “With the personal montage of your DNA, your cell phone, your social network – aggregated with your lifelong health information and physiological and anatomic data – you are positioned to reboot the future of medicine. Who could possibly be more interested and more vested in your data? For the first time, medicine is getting more democratized.”

Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, President of the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, WA states that “In 10 years, each patient will be surrounded by a virtual cloud of data points, and we will have the tools to reduce the enormous data dimensionality into simple hypotheses about how to optimize wellness and avoid disease for each individual.”

Benefits of the CV4P™ Approach:

  • Improves patient outcomes
  • Improves quality of care and quality of life
  • Improves diagnostics and therapies
  • Brings us more cost effective care
  • Brings us more precise care
  • Allows us to detect diseases earlier for easier and less expensive treatment
  • Makes drugs more effective
  • Reduces adverse drug reactions
  • Reduces the cost of healthcare and drugs
  • Empowers the patient and physician
  • Shifts our healthcare system from reactive to preventive
  • Minimizes disease
  • Optimizes wellness
  • Reinvents primary care
  • Gives individuals control over their health and wellness in a state-of-the-art way

The Ideal CV4P™ Healthcare Model is One That Will:

  • Collect actionable data from individuals
  • Help patients utilize that data to predict and prevent disease with physician-prescribed diseases treatment plans
  • Involve supportive providers, such as health coaches and alternative medicine practitioners to help the patient engage in the best lifestyle choices for them personally

The Digital Revolution is Playing a Key Role in CV4P™:

The Digital Revolution is making CV4P™ possible by powering each aspect of it. It is opening up better monitoring and analyzing methods. New technologies are being created to handle, digitize, share and assess individual big data sets. Advances are being made to automate and drive engagement between patients and their physicians. Patient-activated social networks and personal digital devices are bringing this technology full circle, putting the patient in control.

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