• How to Create a Healthy Family Environment

    The environment in your house is created from the people and things in it as well as the energy that is being put out. To know how to create a healthy family environment, you will need to look at the healthy lifestyle choices you make, the attitudes and mental energy you put out, the family rules you have in place, and the physical atmosphere you create. Let’s look at each of those things in more detail…

    how to create a healthy family environmentHealth & Wellness

    Buy Less Junk Food & More Whole Foods – Kids will eat and want to eat what you have in the house, so if you don’t buy it, they can’t eat it! Your children are your cherished masterpieces – don’t muck up their little bodies with junk. A little here and there is probably okay, but not on a regular basis.

    Serve Water Instead of Soda, Juice or Milk – Filtered water will always be the healthier choice. Soda is full of sugar and chemicals. Juice, even if it is 100% juice, isn’t considered a healthy choice because it contains tons of sugar while lacking the fiber and many other nutrients that are present in the actual fruit it comes from due to processing methods. And milk isn’t as healthy as most of us think it is. A small amount probably isn’t bad but if you drink too much, you are setting yourself up for cancer, diabetes and high cholesterol, according to recent studies.

    Suggest Fruit for Snacks – Always have fruit, such as bananas, clementines and apples, on hand, and display it in a big fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. When your child wants a snack, suggest a piece of fruit. It’s packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

    Be a Good Role Model – Children learn by watching what you do much more than they do by listening to what you say, so it is important that you take care of your health if you want your children to learn healthy habits.

    Attitude & Mental Health

    Don’t Use Negative Criticism – Use constructive criticism to help the people in your household become aware of the things they can change. Don’t use negative putdowns and be sure to see their potential, not their failures. Be respectful to your children because it will teach them to respect others.

    Compliment Each Other – Everyone enjoys a good compliment and it helps encourage an environment of kindness. Give praise to each other (catch your child being good as often as possible instead of just constantly pointing out what he or she is doing wrong).

    Practice Character Development – Too many households have forgotten to teach their children values these days. One of the best things you can do for your children is to help them develop character traits that are in alignment with good values.

    Teach Cooperation Not Competition – As Americans, many of us live in a “me me” society, always out for ourselves. The more we can teach our children from the get go about working together, helping each other and cooperation instead of competing against each other, the better the world will be.


    Set Aside Time for Family Activities – We are all busy, but it is extremely important to create special moments with your family. We have to allow time for those moments to occur, and that means making a special effort to allow them to blossom.

    Set Up Boundaries & Routines – Children thrive when they have boundaries and routines. If they are always left to their own devices, they will actually feel less secure and safe than they would if they had guidelines to follow. They will always push their boundaries but they need them to be there.

    Practice Good Communication – When a family has poor communication, all kinds of issues can occur, leading to an environment of frustration and misunderstanding. The better you communicate with one another by expressing feelings, being clear about what you want done, and not making assumptions, the more peaceful your family environment will be.


    Maintain Balance – There are people who are more serious and others who are more carefree, but every family works better when there is a balance between the two. Too much seriousness is not healthy and a little fun is important to bring more happiness into your household. On the other hand, life isn’t all fun and games, and having rules and responsibilities is just as important.

    Put Away the Clutter – When our physical environment is cluttered, it can make us feel heavy and cluttered inside. When you can create a tranquil physical environment, the atmosphere in the household will naturally become tranquil as well.



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