CarpeVITA Health Networks

A CarpeVITA Health Network is a patient-centered, integrated medical network that facilitates our CV4P™ approach and brings together traditional and complementary health care providers, concierge care coordinators, and health and wellness resources, products and solutions with a medical physician at the hub of the network. It is a place where the patient can be guided to enjoy a life of wellness that is based on prediction, prevention, personalization and participation.

Integrated Health NetworkIntegrated, Coordinated, Convenient Healthcare

Members are able to speak with their care coordinator, who will provide personalized information, guidance and resources that would otherwise have been difficult to access. The network is powered by CarpeVITA’s proprietary Circle of Care software, allowing for full integration, coordination and communication between a patient’s health care providers, family and caregivers. In the midst of a current health care system that is segregated and confusing with information that is not easily accessible, these benefits are invaluable.

CarpeVITA connects healthcare consumers into the best health and wellness solutions and education available. Not only do members get to enjoy the ease and convenience of having one physician-run hub to handle all of their health and wellness needs, they also receive better care since every provider they use is accessing the same medical records for the patient using CarpeVITA’s Circle of Care software.

In a CarpeVITA Health Network, All Points of Care Collaborate to Improve Health Outcomes

CV P4 Collaboration Graph

With CarpeVITA’s CV4P™ model, the fragmented parts of the current healthcare system become coordinated, procedure-oriented care becomes outcome oriented, reactive care becomes proactive care, and provider-payer conflicts become alignments.

cv Fragmented to Integrated Graph

Clear, Concise, Practical Education & Solutions

There is so much conflicting information out there about nutrition, fitness supplements, and everything related to health and wellness. We are here to cut through the confusion and give you the education and personalized solutions you need to enjoy a life of health and vitality once and for all. You’ll have access to the most cutting edge information and technology that will allow you to make predictions based on your genetic makeup, prevent chronic disease, personalize your healthcare and fully participate in your wellness.

Health in Your Own HandsPutting Your Health Back in Your Hands

CarpeVITA helps you take an active role and manage your own health so that you can take control of your life and your health. Each CarpeVITA Health Network connects you to a community of health and wellness providers, as well as education, customized solutions and state-of-the-art technology that allows you to fully engage with your network.

With personalized predictions and customized solutions, you’ll be in full control. We’ll guide you through the process of creating a happier and healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

Transforming Sick-Care Into Well-Care

The current system of sick-care, in which patients visit their doctor or hospital when an acute issue arises, is not working. Chronic diseases are ever-present and we need a better solution. CV4P™ is making it possible for us to engage in proactive medicine instead of reactive medicine.

CarpeVITA works with health care providers to create the best population health outcomes by bringing change to the healthcare industry and creating a new model of well-care. When patients are empowered with the information, resources and providers they need to proactively stay healthy, they’ll be able to make informed proactive decisions to prevent many of the issues that the sick-care model simply can’t fix.

Who Should Participate?

Patients & Members

As a member of CarpeVITA, you have access to the best personalized guidance and health and wellness products and services, helping you and your family maintain a healthy lifestyle. You’ll enjoy personalized medicine, more effective care, more convenience, more choices and reduced costs.

Health care consumers, click here to learn more.

Health Care Professionals

CarpeVITA enables health care physicians to participate in the CV4P™ approach and transition to a new integrated collaborative virtual health network model that drives new revenues into their practices and provides a higher level of quality care without incurring a lot more work.

Health Care Physicians, click here to learn more.

Complementary Health Providers

CarpeVITA allows complementary health providers, such as chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, physical therapists and even fitness clubs to participate in the CV4P™ approach while receiving unlimited referrals and increasing their client-base.

Complementary health providers, click here to learn more.

What is CarpeVITA?

CarpeVITA partners with physicians and health care professionals to establish and operate patient-centered medical networks that facilitate the CV4P™ approach and bring a continuum of health services to members, patients, health and wellness consumers and the community at large.

CarpeVITA is transforming healthcare by providing sustainable health solutions that help you get healthy and stay healthy in a more coordinated and comprehensive way than what is currently available. We coordinate and bring integrated health care models to consumers and providers for the successful realization of population health.

Our integrated health networks allow patients and providers to move from the sick-care model that isn’t working to a well-care model that will establish a healthier population. We are closing the gaps in the healthcare system so you can successfully manage your health and live a life of wellness and vitality.

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