• Bonding Ideas for Father’s Day

    This Father’s Day, take some time out to bond with your kids. Better yet, do something that encourages wellness! Instead of watching a movie with them or playing video games with them, get out there and do something that is good for you both. Here are some fun ideas that provide health benefits in numerous ways:

    Father's Day Bonding Ideas

    Share Your Hobbies With Them – Especially if you have a son, he’ll want to be like his daddy, so share your hobbies with him! (And you’d be surprised how many little girls like doing “guy stuff” with their dad too.) Sharing what you love with your kids creates a special kind of bond and gives you something you can continually have fun working on together.

    Fishing – Kids love to bond with their dad for a day of fishing. Pack a lunch and head out to a local park or stream, teach your kids how to fish, and enjoy the peaceful day together.

    Fix Things Around the House – This may not sound like fun, but kids love really getting into projects and learning how to fix and build things with their dads (and mom will be super happy that things are getting done!)

    Playing Sports – Fond memories are created when a dad takes time to play catch with his kids, or when he plays with them in the pool or shoots hoops. Get off the couch, set a great example for your kid, and make some memories!

    Spend the Day at the Park – Pack a lunch and a frisbee, and head off to a fun day at a park near you. You might go for a hike, go canoeing, take a bike ride, or just play games outside.

    Don’t forget that you are responsible for creating memories for your kids. Think back to your favorite memories of your childhood. Most likely, they consist of you enjoying simple times with your parents. Create beautiful memories for your kids – start this Father’s Day!



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