• Balancing Traditional & Alternative Medicine

    Complete Health Care Comes From Balancing Traditional & Alternative Medicine

    Most of us visit a traditional doctor when we have an illness or health related issue, and while that can often be a good solution, the traditional approach only looks at health from one angle.

    Traditional doctors are trained in one way and alternative or holistic doctors are trained in a completely different way. The truth is traditional medicine and alternative medicine are both necessary to give your body what it really needs.

    Traditional MedicineFor example, traditional doctors are not required to have nutrition training, and since many health issues stem from poor nutrition, you can see how a doctor who does not have that knowledge would be working from an incomplete set of guidelines.

    On the other hand, most holistic doctors cannot perform surgery or prescribe medications, and in cases where those things are needed, they would not be of much help.

    Explaining the Traditional Medicine Approach

    Traditional doctors generally look at the organs of the body independently, and they treat them accordingly. If you go to the doctor for back pain, they will usually look at your back and try to determine the best approach based only on what they found by looking at the back.

    Explaining the Alternative Medicine Approach

    Holistic MedicineHolistic medicine such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, naturopathy, meditation and herbal remedies, on the other hand, treats the body as a whole unit. It always takes into account the body, mind and spirit, and strives to bring those parts of the person into balance. Taking the back pain example from above, an alternative practitioner will look not only at the back itself, but also at foods that might be contributing to the pain as well as other bones in the body that might be out of alignment causing pressure on the back.

    Holistic medicine is valid because most of the health problems we have are not constrained to one area of our body. Each health issue we encounter causes problems throughout the mind, body and spirit.

    Let’s look at stress, for example. Stress can lead to heart disease, and it can also lead to insomnia, moodiness, anxiety disorders and even back pain. By removing the stress, all of those problems can quite possibly go away. A traditional approach might lead you to take antidepressants or sleep aids, and while that can be helpful in the short term, taking some holistic action such as meditation can help to eliminate the cause of the stress altogether.

    Herbal vs. Pharmaceutical Medicines

    Complementary MedicineYou might have heard that alternative medicine is not proven and that since it hasn’t been accurately tested, it could be dangerous. While you should always proceed with any treatment with caution, you must also realize that most alternative methods have been practiced with success for centuries and that just because they haven’t been tested in a clinical facility, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t stand up to the tests if the medical industry would run them.

    On the other hand, pharmaceutical drugs are widely accepted even though they almost always come with a laundry list of side effects. This is because these drugs don’t treat the body as a whole, but instead focus on one organ, causing imbalance in the body.

    In reality, natural treatments rarely have side effects at all. This is not to say that traditional medicine doesn’t have its place, and that is why we are suggesting you seek out a balance of both traditional and alternative medicine.

    Traditional & Holistic Medicine Working Together

    If we look at someone who is suffering internal bleeding from a car accident, a traditional doctor will be able to perform surgery, while a holistic doctor could help the body to heal from the surgery faster and more completely. In this case, both methods are clearly needed.

    In a perfect world, medical schools would teach both traditional and holistic medicine to our traditional doctors because they compliment each other, and one without the other is incomplete. While more and more holistic methods are being accepted by the medical industry, we are still far away from such a reality. In the mean time, be sure to consult a variety of traditional and alternative experts as you strive to achieve optimal health.



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