• Avoid Diet Foods, Even if You Want to Lose Weight

    It is unfortunate, but the diet food industry has deceived American consumers into thinking a “diet” label means we are purchasing a healthier option that will help us lose weight. In most instances, the opposite is actually true.

    Have you noticed that more and more diet products are becoming available on the market, yet Americans continue to gain weight with 70% of the population being overweight? Here’s why:

    Showing Weight Loss in Jeans-freedigitalphotos.net-marinArtificial Sweeteners – Diet foods often claim to be sugar-free or low calorie by substituting artificial sweeteners for sugar, since artificial sweeteners have virtually no calories. The problem is that since artificial sweeteners contain little to no calories, our bodies are not satisfied when we eat them, so we want more and more, causing us to consume more calories than we would have if we had eaten foods containing real sugar. Plus, artificial sweeteners introduce many toxins into our bodies, causing a variety of health issues.

    Low-Fat Foods – While it is important to reduce saturated fat and eliminate trans fat, eating adequate amounts of healthy fat is necessary for health and even weight loss (because fats help to fill you up). Plus, low fat foods are typically loaded with salt and unhealthy carbs like maltodextrin.

    Salt – For low-fat and fat-free foods, manufacturers typically add large amounts of salt in order to keep the food tasting good since the process of removing fat removes taste as well. This means most diet foods are considerably high in sodium, which can lead to heart disease and numerous other health issues.

    Low Nutrient Content – Unfortunately, diet foods tend to be void of any real nutritional content. Not only is this unhealthy, but it also means your body will always be hungering for more since it will be looking for the nutrition you are depriving it of. That is one of the reasons for diet failures. If your body isn’t satisfied, you will only be able to maintain that state for so long before you give in and give your body what it wants.

    The Solution:

    1) Stay away from products that contain dangerous artificial sweeteners, such as Aspartame, Sucralose, Saccharin, Acesulfame Potassium (Acesulfame K), and Neotame.

    2) Do not buy or eat food and drinks that are labeled as being diet, sugar-free, low-calorie, no sugar added or low fat, unless after reading the ingredients and nutrition label carefully, you determine it is actually a healthy diet option.

    3) Drink regular soda instead of diet, and better yet, substitute water or club soda with lime. Stay away from energy drinks, which provide energy through massive amounts of sugar and caffeine. Limit protein shakes and nutrition bars, which contain so many calories that you would have to be a high intensity athlete to burn off the calories they provide. Instead, choose whole foods and bars that contain whole foods like Kind Bars.

    4) Don’t be fooled by deceiving advertising and food labels. Even bread that appears to be healthy, such as Arnolds Whole Grain Health Nut, can contain high amounts of calories and refined flour. Salads that you can purchase at restaurants can often be worse than seemingly unhealthy options like burgers, packing in more fat and calories, like Applebee’s Santa Fe Chicken Salad.

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