• 9 Feel-Good Ideas You Can Do This Summer

    We all want to feel good, and summer tends to bring out those good feelings. Here are 9 ideas to help you inspire some fun and healthy choices in your life this summer:

    1. Enjoying Summer-350Enjoy some smart snacks. Put away those processed snacks. Once of the great things about summer is that there are so many delicious fresh fruits and vegetables available – you’d be surprised how many different ways you can dish them up to create a treat for the whole family. Try these truly unique snack ideas!
    2. Soak up the sun! Yes, sun is actually good for you (in moderate amounts). Get 20 minutes of sun exposure without sunscreen several times a week and feel good about it! Learn why here: Is the Sun Good or Bad For Us?
    3. Be grateful for all the good things and people you have in your life. It’s healthy to be grateful! It brings a radiance to your heart, making you glow from the inside out. Practice gratitude everyday and watch your life transform before your eyes. Before you know it, you’ll have even more to be grateful for!
    4. Add a little spice to your life! Cooking with herbs and spices is not only fun and tasty; it’s also super healthy. Most herbs are antioxidants and each one has its own set of health benefits. Use less salt and more spices for tastier, healthier meals!
    5. Go natural and organic. There is something about summer that makes everything natural seem even more appealing. Go with that feeling, and set out to make more natural and organic choices in your life this summer! Try these 5 ways to go organic and natural.
    6. Make your own energy drink – Who needs all those chemicals and excess sugars they put in energy drinks. Summer is a great time to make your own tea-based energy drink. Try this recipe!
    7. Try a detox – We all seem to get the urge to get healthy in the summer, and detoxing is something a lot of us try. While detoxification can be a great way to cleanse your body of toxins, it’s important to remember that not all detox methods are healthy. Try these natural ways to detoxify to make sure you are doing it in a healthy way.
    8. Do some gardening – Gardening is not only a way to enjoy fresh-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs; it’s also great fun for the whole family and it’s great for you! Here are 5 health benefits of gardening, and here’s an article about how to grow a family herb garden.
    9. Exercise outside – Summer is a great time to more your exercise routine outside. By getting physical activity outside, you’ll get the fresh air you need for your mental health, and you’ll be able to spend time with family and friends while doing something healthy. Try these 21 outdoor exercise ideas.



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