• 5 Tips For Finding Time to Exercise

    We all know we need to exercise, but finding the time in our busy schedules can be almost impossible. That’s why we have developed the following 5 tips for you:

      1. How to Find Time to ExerciseCombine exercising with another activity that you have to do anyway. For example, it’s important to spend some quality time with your family each day and you wouldn’t want to take time away from them because you are exercising, so you could start a family activity that you can all enjoy together. Take a walk together, go for a bike ride, play baseball in your back yard, kick a soccer ball around, go swimming, or any other activities you would all enjoy. Some other examples of this tip are: watching your favorite TV show while you do some leg lifts, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, parking in the spot that is furthest away instead of the closest, going out for a night of dancing with your friends.
      2. Carve out small blocks of time instead of trying to find one big block of time. Studies often show that engaging in short spurts of exercise throughout the day is more effective than exercising for one long period of time a day. It’s much easier to find four 10-minute intervals of time in your day than it is to find one 40-minute time span. You probably get breaks at work – use them to take 10-minute walks. Do 10-minutes of strength training before you take your morning shower. Take a 10-minute walk after dinner. What other ways can you think of?
      3. Don’t set yourself up for failure. If you set up a schedule for yourself that is too hard to follow, you will quit after a week. Start with smaller blocks of time and slowly increase the amount of time you spend exercising. By doing it this way, you won’t overwhelm yourself and when you are ready to increase your workout time, you will actually want to because you’ll have more energy and confidence due to the exercise you have been doing. Be flexible with yourself but love yourself enough to get the exercise you need as often as you can.
      4. Make exercising convenient for yourself.If exercising in a gym is something you really enjoy, go for it! But if it turns out that you can never get there, find another way. Here are some ideas: get some exercise DVD’s to do at home, keep some weights handy so you can use them while watching TV, find a place near your home where you can walk or hike, or find a Wii or Xbox game that you enjoy and that involves movement.
      5. Get your family to help out more around the house. We often neglect ourselves because there is no time left after we have taken care of our families and the household chores. But the truth is that a family is meant to work together. By having the kids do some chores around the house, you open up some time in your schedule to exercise. Plus, it teaches your children about working together and helps set them up to be independent adults.



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