• 30 Fun Exercise Ideas

    Hate Exercising? Let’s Make Exercise Fun!

    Jump Rope-350Many people categorize exercise as going to the gym and forcing yourself to burn a bunch of calories. But if you hate exercising in that way, it’s time you redefine what exercise is for you.

    100 years ago, no one signed up for a gym and ran on a treadmill, but we are much more overweight now than we were then. Why is that? Well part of it is due to our diet, but it is also because of our sedentary lifestyle.

    The more active you are in your everyday life, the less “exercise” you will have to push yourself to do. It’s time to find a hobby that you enjoy and that at the same time keeps you in shape.

    Here is a list of 30 ideas to help you choose an active hobby you will look forward to doing. If you have additional ideas, please submit them in the comments section below!

    1. Horseback Riding
    2. Ballet
    3. Biking
    4. Kayaking
    5. Dancing
    6. Jumping Robe
    7. Hula Hooping
    8. Gymnastics
    9. Hiking
    10. Roller Blading
    11. Ice Skating
    12. Skiing/Snowboarding
    13. Skateboarding
    14. Laser Tag
    15. Paintball
    16. Rock Climbing
    17. Swimming
    18. Karate
    19. Trampoline
    20. Wii Sports Games
    21. Volleyball
    22. Tennis
    23. Baseball
    24. Basketball
    25. Soccer
    26. Hockey
    27. Football
    28. Zumba
    29. Yoga
    30. Walking with friends or family



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