• 3 Reasons It’s Foolish to Let Your Workout Go By the Wayside When Summer Ends Plus Motivation Tips to Keep Going

    The end of the summer is approaching and that means many people are starting to reduce their exercise. With bathing suit season coming to an end, we often think we can take a break since our bodies will be covered up for the next couple seasons, but there are many flaws to this kind of thinking. Here are 3 reasons to continue your workout beyond summer, plus tips to help you keep going.

    Reasons to Continue Your Workout Beyond Summer

    Reasons to Continue Your Workout Beyond Summer1)   The most important reason to maintain your exercise routine into the winter is because winter typically brings feelings of being down in the dumps, since we are not getting the serotonin we need from the sun. Exercise boosts serotonin, so in order to maintain a positive attitude and high energy levels, we need to exercise throughout the cold months.

    2)   Keeping up with your exercise routine also helps you feel good about yourself. When you are “letting yourself go,” you start to let go of your confidence as well. Keep up your active lifestyle to keep feeling sexy and confident.

    3)   Continuing your exercise routine all year long means that you won’t have to make up for lost time. Remember how hard it is to get back in shape after a winter of not working out? You’ll never have to worry about that if you keep going!

    Here are some tips to keep yourself motivated to exercise all year long:

    • Never let yourself go more than 2 days without exercising – The more days that go by in between workouts, the harder it is to get back into a routine.
    • Read health articles everyday – Reading about health, exercise, nutrition, etc, can help you stay motivated and inspired to take care of yourself. If you haven’t already signed up for our newsletter, do so here so you can stay informed and inspired.
    • Join a contest or create a contest with family members or friends – A little friendly competition makes exercise fun. You can motivate each other, work out together and check in with one another to make sure you’re reaching your goals.
    • Work toward a prize – Keep yourself ultra motivated by issuing yourself a prize if you complete your goal. Make sure it is a prize that you REALLY want, such as going on a cruise or buying some new sexy clothes. Put a loved one in charge of your prize so they can check in with you and make sure you don’t cheat.



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