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Setting the standard for healthcare outcomes by providing services that encourage prediction, prevention, personalization and participation.

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Senior Services

CarpeVITA’s Senior Services offers you an entirely new process in caring for you and your loved one. We provide comprehensive senior care that includes home care, adult day services and care management.

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Our CV4P™ Approach

Our CV4P™ approach empowers our clients to improve, not just maintain, their health and wellbeing as they work with their Circle of Care to Predict, Prevent, Personalize and Participate in their health.

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Patient-Centered Care

Finally, care that is centered around you! Our medically-driven patient-centered care provides you with greater value, lower costs, and care that is personalized, streamlined, convenient and effective.

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Take the 21-Day Wellness Recharge Challenge!

Take part in this free online challenge so you can learn to implement simple strategies that produce sustainable health, wellness and vitality.

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“In 10 years, each patient will be surrounded by a virtual cloud of data points, and we will have the tools to reduce the enormous data dimensionality into simple hypotheses about how to optimize wellness and avoid disease for each individual.” ~ Leroy Hood, MD, PhD, President of the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, WA